How to Make A Quilt Sleeve
For Hanging Your Quilt

Most quilt shows require you to submit your entry with a hanging sleeve. It's your responsibility to make one, and if the show is doing things right they will give you directions or at least dimensions. Sometimes, though, they don't.

Or maybe you're not interested in hanging your quilt in a show as much as you want to hang it in your home.

Quilt sleeves are pretty simple:

  1. Measure the width of your quilt. Cut yourself a strip of fabric that long and about 8 inches wide.
  2. Hem the ends of the strip.
  3. With the WRONG sides together, sew the strip into a long tube.
  4. Lay the tube out with the seam line running up the top center, and iron it flat.
  5. Turn the tube over so the seam is on "the back" and position it about one inch from the top of your quilt, on the backing. The seam should be hidden between the "front" of the tube and the quilt.
  6. Whipstitch the tube to the back of your quilt, being sure to leave the ends open so a hanging rod can be inserted.
  7. Note: If the bottom hem of your wallhanging is friendly and waves, consider adding a narrow tube and inserting a length of dowelling to help keep it straight.

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