Using Your Computer to Print on Fabric

Some simple labels to download and print.

WARNING: There is no guarantee with this process. Several people have tried this and not had problems, there is always the potential risk of damage to your printer. While many printers are adjustable for thicknesses of paper, the manufacturers generally do not approve of you putting fabric into them instead, and may void your warranty if they find out.

What you need:

  • your printer --either dot matrix or laser. Ink jet does not appear to work.
  • your fabric (100% cotton works best)
  • freezer paper to stabilize the fabric
  • an iron and ironing board

    1. Cut a piece of freezer paper to about 9x12 inches. Iron it securely to the back of your fabric. Trim your bonded fabric to an exact 8.5 x11. There should be no loose threads or unsecure edges!

    2. Feed the bonded fabric into your printer like you would if you were doing a single sheet feed of paper. (Right side up if that is how you normally do it, etc.)

    3. Carefully move the printed fabric to the ironing board and heat set it with your hottest dry setting. Use a scrap of cloth or extra blank sheets of paper between the ink and the iron and ironing board, or you may end up with ink on them, too!

    -- These labels are washable, but may fade in time. Test a sample before making your heirloom.

    -- Remember to allow space around your graphics for seam allowances.

    -- Krylon Spray Fixatif can be used to help prevent printed fabrics from washing out.

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    This page last updated on: May 29, 1996.