Anniversary Memory Quilts

I want to make a memory quilt for my parents, having family friends sign blocks. Where do I start?

-- Start preparing as early as possible. Up to a year in advance send out squares of muslin to family relatives and friends, requesting that they each decorate the square in some manner that represented themselves or their relationship with the intended recipients. You may not get all of them back, but hopefully you'll get enough to go ahead with the project. For a center medallion block, you can take a wedding or anniversary photograph to a print/copy place and have it scanned and made into an iron on transfer.

-- Send out pre-cut squares of muslin, ironed onto a stabilizer such as freezer paper, and Pigma brand fabric pens. Ask friends and relatives to write on or decorate the squares and send them back to you. Be sure to include seam allowances in the sizing of the squares you cut, and either mark the seams or iron on a frame of freezer paper to prevent well wishers from marking into that area.

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This page last updated on: May 23, 1996.