Dimensional Leaves

This makes a dimensional leaf suitable for placing under flowers or other applique. They might also make large individual flower petals. I have used them on hair clips with yo-yo flowers.

Start with a circle. Make the circle twice as wide as you want your leaves to be long, plus seam allowances. For a finished leaf that is 2" long, cut a circle 5" across.


This will actually give you two leaves, so you could just cut one half-circle if you only want one leaf.


Right sides together, fold the half-circle. Match the straight edges and sew. Trim the seam allowance at the tip.

Turn inside out, so the right side of the fabric is outside, and press with the seam to the back.


Line up the curved edge, this will be the bottom of your leaf. Sew a line of running stitches about 1/8" from the edge of the fabric. Gather these stitches to create the fullness of your leaf.


You can arrange your gathers with a few backstitches or tacks.

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