Labels for Quilts

Why you should label your quilts

A label on your quilt serves not only as a record of who and when, but as an identification of the item if it is ever stolen or lost. A label can also contain care instructions for cleaning.

How to make a label

A label can go on either the front or back of a quilt. It can be a part of the pieced design, or it can be a separate smaller piece added on when the top is complete. For security I suggest that you either use a light blank patch on the front of the quilt, or attach a label to the backing BEFORE you quilt. Otherwise the label could be removed and your only source of identification will be gone with no one the wiser.

To embellish the label you have a choice of traditional cross-stich or embroidery, or today's modern permanent pens. If you use a pen, make sure you find one that specifically says it is for use on fabric. Test it on a scrap to make sure it won't wash out. Whatever method you choose, use the label area to write your name and date, and add a message if you wish. Feel free to decorate the label with a border, curli-ques, or flowers. many clip-art books and software contain small decorations you can copy or imitate.

You might also try printing labels onto fabric from your computer.

Or you can download these images to use as labels.

What to include on a label:

  • Date: When the quilt was/is presented, or the period during which it was made.
  • Block Pattern name: if you know the name, or if you have created an original piece.
  • Your Name: you made it, take credit for it!
  • Your town and state
  • Name of the recipient
  • Occasion for which the quilt is made: if there is something special, like a wedding or anniversary it commemorates.

  • Verses for your label:

    The best kind of sleep / under heaven above... is beneath this quilt / handmade with LOVE! -- Lyla

    This Quilt will link generations by the golden threads of love and Devotion -- Margaret F.

    Those who sleep under a quilt, sleep under a blanket of love -- Lynn D.

    I wish you health/ I wish you wealth/ I wish you gold in store/ I wish you Heaven after death/ Now what could I wish you more. -- Judy S.

    Keep my blankie near, so I will not fear, or shed a tear, when I hold here, my blankie dear. -- Karen B.

    Every child should feel the love that is shared by a handmade quilt. -- Nancy H

    A piece of my heart is being shared with you through each piece of this quilt. -- Nancy H

    "Remember me from this you see, A quilt of love from me above." -- Laurel G.

    A quilt sewn together / with utmost care / quilted with love / is a treasure to share.

    "Dear old-fashioned quilts with your patches so gay / You retain all the charm of an earlier day / Like the old-fashioned garden our grandmothers grew / Our love never wanes for them or for you."...Carlie Sextan

    Friendship is a tapestry woven through the years with threads of joy and laughter, happiness and tears.

    I count the stitches line by line; And watch the thread record the time.

    Love and memories we impart to quilt the fabric of the heart.

    "May the colors of your life be bright and the threads in your life very strong"...Genie Barnes

    May you be free from cares and woe when ‘neath this quilt you seek repose.

    May your sorrows be patched and your joys quilted.

    Piece, piece, piece, and lo, a counterpane / May each person resting here / Find peace, sweet peace / And ne'er encounter pain ...Unknown

    Quilts, like friends, are / different, colorful, fun, / warm and comforting-- / And you can never acquire enough of either.

    This quilt, wrought with so much love, Each tiny stitch you see, Will be there when I am gone, Reminding you of me.

    When I give to you / What I make with my hands / I share with my heart

    I was thinking warm thoughts / of you day after day,/ As stitch upon stitch in this/ quilt I was taking./ And I hope that the pleasure / you find in it may/ Be as great as the pleasure/ I found in the making. ...Judy Grow.

    Quilting is a scrap of Happiness! ...Sharon

    From Patricia: "This Christmas I made a quilt for my older brother. The sentiment that I added on the label was this:

    "May all of your lifes ups and downs happen underneath this quilt"
    (While somewhat bawdy, it was met with appreciation!)

    A store-bought blanket warms the body, a handmade quilt warms the soul. ...Ildi

    "Many faces, many smiles, remember me across the miles." --Karen M.

    "Wherever you wander, wherever you roam, be happy, live healthy, and be glad to come home." --Karen M.

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