Thanks for stopping by. I hope you're enjoying the DawnPages and all they have to offer.

As of the spring of 2003 this site receives between 500 and 1200 visitors per hour! If the site is running a little slow, please bear with me. I live in the midwest where superfast internet connections have a limited availability. In fact, we're on a 56k modem dial-up. Since the DawnPages are a personal website, with costs borne entirely by myself, this is not likely to change anytime in the near future.

The other thing that won't change immediately is the pictures. I've been asked to provide more images. I would love to, but this would only slow the site down for everyone who visits, and reduce the availability of the pattern information for you.

And while we're discussing site slowdowns.... from time to time there are things I like to do online which will require full use of my bandwidth. As much as I like sharing my web site, having 500 other people on the line with me makes it very difficult for me to do what I want to do with the internet connection I pay for.

So, from time to time popular sections of the site will be unavailable. This is most likely to occur during peak traffic times, from noon to 5pm on weekdays. Sorry, folks, but I like to surf sometimes too. :)

The Dawnpages almost didn't survive 2002. It was a very bad year for my husband and I, financially. Thanks also to those of you who have sent messages of appreciation and gratitude. Your encouragement keeps this site alive and growing. Thanks especially to those who send donations to keep the site up and running. It does make a difference.

I'm disappointed though when I reply to a message only to have it bounce because the users mailbox is not accepting messages. Some of you write to me again hoping for a reply that I cannot give you if your mail preferences are not letting me through. It's sad that so many businesses use unsolicited advertising that we have to distrust communication from each other.

I'd also like to remind everyone that the url for this site is RedDawn.Net. (Caps not required). I moved from Redsword.com over FOUR years ago and I am still getting forwarded messages from folks who lost me. Please, if you link to my site check your link to make sure it is current, and update your bookmarks. I've tried to find links to here and notify the web page owner of the new address, but there must still be lots of old ones out there. If you find any that still point to Redsword, help me and your fellow fabric junkies out by letting them know I've moved.


PS: Please, PLEASE, if you use MSOutlook or your MSExplorer browser as a mail client set your Tools-Options to send "plain text". Otherwise it defaults to html-encoded and it gets to me all garbled (And I'm likely to delete it rather than try to translate it). If you're writing from a web-based email service be sure to use something textile related in the subject line. I get so much SPAM from those sites that any incoming messages usually get deleted without being read. And, for those of you visiting from AOL, please check your "mail controls" option and make sure I can send mail back to you if you have a question for me.

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