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Collected here are projects and tips from the membership of RCD. If you have something to share, please contact me at the address below.


Bookcovers for miniature books. By Matie Truwe. This is a Windows bitmap file (*.bmp) that you can download and open in Paint, Paintbrush, and a number of other art programs.

Articles from Chuck Holcomb

Chuck is a regular on RCD and often contributes experienced advice. These are some of his articles and projects.

Turning miniature bowls, vases and plates without a lathe

Making a miniature mop

Turning miniature dowels

Making a braided rug

Alternate Materials I: Stone

Alternate Materials II: Squishy Stuff

More Projects

How to make your own miniature mouldings

How to make a bearskin rug

Even More Projects, at other sites

Tiny Talk Projects

Shellie's Sundries projects pages

Miniature food with Fimo

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