how to make a bear rug

from: The Book of Miniatures, Furniture & Accessories by Helen Ruthberg, published by Chilton Book Company (Radnor, Pennsylvania) Copyright 1977. p 143.

Illustration by Mary Kong

Below is the instructions for a Polar Bear Rug. The illustrations are not too accurate but you can let your imagine run. I've never made this since I'm new to the miniature world so I can't give any tips or hints on this.

Polar Bear Rug

1. Trace the pattern onto back of white acrylic pile material. Short pile is best, but higher pile can be sheared shorter, if necessary.

2. Cut material 1/4" larger than indicated in pattern. Now, cut away pattern only from underside (knit side) - not through entire surface - so that the acrylic pile doesn't look chopped square. Practice on a small piece first.

3. Take small running stitches from (A) to (B), except in center area. Pull thread tightly together, rounding the head and producing a snout. Tie off

4. With cuticle scissors, clip pile closer to head around nose and eye areas. Sew black seed bead eyes into place and sew on a black nose by overlapping black embroidery thread.Glue two white ears in place and glue a red or pink felt tongue through opening below nose

5. Slightly gather head from (C) to (D) with long running stitches. To stuff, glue some cotton into head cavity and sew a lining on bottom of head to keep cotton intact - or you may wish to line entire rug.

6. Lastly, glue two white painted tips of toothpicks into upper opening for eye teeth.

          _________/     \________    
    A   (  - - - -        - - - -  ) B   (A to B is curved out 
         \                        /       i.e. tip is facing the top)
      C   \                      / D     (The dash line from C to D is 
   ________) - - - - - - - - -  (________ curved with the tip down)
(                                        )
 \  _______                     _______  /
           )                   (
          /                     \
         /                       \
        /                         \
       /                           \
      /                             \
     /                               \

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