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I occasionally get questions from folks who have found this web site and are still looking for the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) file. This web site *is* the file. Rather than dump a text file on you as was done in the old days when the net was still flat, I've taken the opportunity to present the same information to you in this modern, attractive, web page format. All the same information, lists of links, magazines, clubs, catalogs, etc. is here.

The following is the text of the pointer message that is posted on the first of each month (or as soon after as I remember to do it) to the usenet newsgroup rec.crafts.dollhouses.

Rec.Crafts.Dollhouses FAQ Monthly Pointer

The main body of this information is stored at

Please be aware that this is a web site, not a simple text file. There is _much more_ at the web site than is posted here.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What are some good magazines? How do I subscribe?

There are a number of miniature enthusiast magazines available in different parts of the world. Here are two that are popular and widespread:

Dolls House World
in US mail to:
Heritage Press
3150 State Line Road
North Bend, Ohio 45052
or call Julie at (513) 353-4052
12 issues/year
US $62

Dollhouse Miniatures (formerly Nutshell News)
Kalmbach miniatures, Inc.
21027 Crossroads Circle
P.O.Box 1612
Waukesha, WI 53187
(800) 533-6644
US $34.95/year
foreign $45/year US funds

2. Where can I buy miniature furniture and acessories?

Look in your yellow pages phonebook for dollhouse shops or craft stores. Dollhouse shops specialize in kits and acessories for the hobby. Craft store sometimes sell miniatures, but more often have all the raw materials for making your own. There is no single "correct" source for purchasing supplies.

3. Are there any online sources for miniatures?

Yes! There is a growing number of retailers offering information and/or products online. Aim your web browser at the FAQ page at the top of this file and click away. In addition, several vendors participate in the discussions here and welcome private e-mail about their products.

4. What mail order sources are available and how do I get a catalog?

There are hundreds of commercial and private companies who offer items by mail. A good way to get their info is to pick up a copy of a miniatures magazine from your hobby shop or newsstand and flip through the advertising sections. A selected list of mail-order retailers is available at the web site, it has been edited to reflect those vendors who offer both a variety of products and a free or inexpensive catalog.

5. Can I post a for-sale ad here?

No. This is a discussion group devoted to miniatures and dollhouses. Advertisments tend to turn this into a discussion group devoted to advertising. Since we prefer to stay on topic we ask that you post all commercial advertisements to rec.crafts.marketplace. We thank the retail vendors who participate in this group for limiting their advertising to a tag line or signature file unless specifically requested to give further information to the group.

6. Where can I post pictures of my miniatures?

Ideally, your personal web page is the best place for pictures. If you do not have a web page you can post to a binaries newsgroup. The newsgroup [] was created just for crafts pictures. It is a moderated group that only accepts crafts images. Post your image there and come leave a note on the discussion group so we can find it. If neither of those is an option (maybe your provider doesn't subscribe to any alt.binaries groups regardless of content) contact [] about having your picture put on the r.c.d FAQ site for a short period of time.

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