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Got a trick for costuming effects you'd like to share? Know some things about costuming you wish you'd had someone tell you when you started? Send me an email with your ideas and I'll post them here.

Use a color swatch card to coordinate your costume. Snip a small piece of fabric or trim and staple it to an index card. Take the card with you when you shop (or carry it in your purse or wallet for those chance of a lifetime finds.) You'll have your color samples on hand and there'll be no more guessing if something matches or not.

Buy yourself a packet of safety pins and attach a handful of them to the inside lining of your bodice or jacket (or anyplace they won't be seen) When you're at an event and need a quick repair for a torn skirt, broken fastener, or detached length of trim they'll be ready for you -- or most likely your friends!

Always test your costume in a dress rehearsal, even if it means just wearing it around the house for an hour the day before the event. You don't want to be miles from home and discover you can't sit down, use the restroom, or turn your head in costume. You'll also find out pretty fast if the sleeves are too long or if that minor fitting problem is going to become agonizing after half an hour in the heat.

Buy trim on sale. It's expensive and you need yards and yards of it for most period costumes. In my experience the best times to shop are right after Christmas when there is much fancy trim on discount, and again in the late summer when new Christmas trim is being put out and the remaining stock from last year is reduced again. You get the best selection in the fall, but prices are high.

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