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Misses Costumes. Mid 16th century upper class gown. Includes underskirt, false sleeves, and french hood. All the right pieces for your historical costume. Overall a very nicely presented package. See undergarment set #2621. 2009.


Misses 16th century undergarments. Includes shirt, bones corset, bum roll and farthingale. A very nice set for the ren faire or historical enthusiast. Wear under gown #2589. 2009.


Women's costumes. This is a one-piece costume dress, not separates, which is a shame because otherwise it would be a really fun ren fest outfit. Would probably work best for stage, where you'd want a one-piece outfit for quick costume changes. 2009.


Misses Costumes. A late medieval and a renaissance inspired costume. Includes underdress/chemise and a hat/veil. 2009.


Misses costumes. You're probably wondering what this one has to do with renfaires. It's really a great versatile set of patterns. There's a short sleeved, off the shoulder chemise which I know a lot of girls like to wear, plus a cute little under-bust bodice for those of you who don't need support. You also get a short, unlined cape. Not a bad accessory set if you can get it on sale. This pattern was previously #8851. 2007.


Misses Celtic Costumes and Hat. This is a reprint of 8855, from about 1999. Basic ren-fest skirt, bodice, blouse, and cap patterns, with variations. This would make a good starter set. Feel free to use any fabrics, you don't need to limit yourself to plaid. 2007.


Misses, Men and Teens Shirt. Add a little flair to any fantasy, LARP or ren-fest costume with this one. Variations in neck treatment and wrist ruffles give you some versatility. View B is the most historical, being similar to mens shirts of the early to mid 1800's. 2007.


Misses Pirate Costumes. If you're a Hollywood movie fan, you know what this is based off of. You get shirt and pants variations, an overdress, a bodice, and a coat pattern. Not a bad variety of costume pieces in one envelope. The coat is somewhat based on real men's coats of the late 17th century, the rest is fantasy. But when you're playing Pirates at a Renaissance festival, who really cares? 2007.


Misses Renaissance Costumes. Elizabethan dress and skirt in two variations, bumroll. Shaped sleeves, sectioned shoulder rolls, and an adjustable bodice strap. Somebody has actually looked at current costume research and paid attention. Definitely buy this one. Buy two, it's worth it. 2007.


Misses Renaissance Costumes. Fantasy Renfest favorites here, this pattern has been around a long time and must be a popular one because I've seen it as #8249, 8715 and 5293 over the years. Contains a short chemise, two bodice variations, and a couple of skirt options, plus a headpiece with a veil. You'll probably want to cut the chemises longer, unless you just really like the short blouse. Be careful with the one tacked-up skirt option, they have a way of snagging on things and ripping out, leaving you with holes in your skirt. Also, be careful with the veil. The headband part should be relatively flat on your head, not sticking up like a tiara. 2007.


Men's Renaissance Costumes.

View A: the shirt dates to the mid 1800's and later, but you see them a lot at festivals so you could get away with it unless you are promoting yourself as strict re-creationists. The pants, too are much later than Renaissance, but would probably work. The doublet is fine as cut for the late 1500's, this piece is actually based on some existing clothing finds. It should have a collar, something like shirt A does, and buttons instead of ties. Use the sleeves from view B, but sew them completely up both seams.

View B: I'm not sure if this is supposed to be based on Italian clothing from the late 1400's and early 1500's, or if it is an attempt at early 1600's style with the longer doublet. IMO Mcall's 2802 does a better job on the Italian even if they did make an unfortunate choice for fabric in that example. 2006.


Misses costumes. For dancing or just lounging around the palace, styles based on traditional Indian clothing. 2006.


Men's fantasy pirate costume. Includes a coat, two waistcoat variations, shirts, cravat and pants. For fantasy pirate wear this one isn't too bad. The coat is nicely styled, the shirt is almost 18th century as are the waistcoats. Even the pants have a nice period front flap.


Misses' medievaloid fantasy dress in 3 variations. Princess cut, loosely based on the recent Lord of the Rings movies.


Misses' fantasy gypsy or harem girl costume. Harem pants, two skirt variations, a blouse, two vests and other accessories. Nice starter set for dancers, or those who just want to dress like one.


Renaissance Faire. Misses costume bodices in 3 variations, chemise, bumroll, skirt and overskirt. For what it attempts to do, it does very well: this is strictly Ren-fest clothing. Basic skirt, bumroll, and modern/fantasy handkerchief overskirt. The chemise/blouse is short sleeved and has an off-the-shoulder variation. Watch out for sunburn. The yardage given for the skirts looks ok, but the pictures look like it could use another panel width added in. If you want to aim this in a historical direction draft out the darts and go with bodice view C, the plain one, or modify the peplum tabs in A to be a little shorter. View B with the skirted peplum is more of a 17th century style, though the fabric loops are a nice alternative to metal lacing grommets. Lengthen the blouse sleeves and don't use the ribbon ties at the elbow. The jewelry in view A is just wrong.


Romantic Reminiscences. Full length cloak patterns in 3 variations. Historically inspired and suitable for most events except true recreations.


Unisex cloaks and tunics based on the costumes from Star Wars. Completely science fiction, but the cloak might be nice since it has sleeves.


Celtic. Basic set of shirt, leggings, kilt, cap, and pouch for a Scottish-looking outfit. Unfortunately the shirt isn't volumnous enough to imitate a leine, while still giving you those sleeves that drag in your food. The leggings and drapes just look silly. The "kilt" is the modern "small" version and is nothing more than a length of fabric gathered into a waistband as in my skirt instructions. If you must buy this one don't pay full price. You're better off with one of the other patterns with a nicer shirt and the same drawstring pants.


Cape, tunic, and hat. Lots of fun mix-and-match fantasy costumes to add to your wardrobe. A simple tunic in two lengths, a full sleeved robe with or without a hood, a wizard's hat, and two lengths of hooded capes. Though not shown the yoke styling offers you options for creative fabric coordinating. This manufacturer's version of the men's costumes in Lord of the Rings.


Medieval fantasy. A lovely collection of classic princess-seamed dresses with sleeve and collar variations. This manufacturer's version of the women's costumes in Lord of the Rings.


Lovely selection of historical inspired mix and match fantasy costume pieces for Renaissance Faire wear. Has Simplicity figured out its customer base, or what? Blouse with two neckline and two sleeve variations, skirt, two overskirts, corset with two necklines, scarf, headpiece, veil, and purse with trim variations. The corset is nicely done with boning in casings at the seam lines. Test fit it, because you will probably want to take in the waist.

Discontinued Simplicity Patterns

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