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Introduction to this Site

These are all pretty basic instructions. They will show you how to measure out simple garments and assemble them. They will not teach you how to sew or how to operate a sewing machine. I'm assuming you know how to sew seams and hem when necessary. If you find yourself looking at these instructions and thinking you should do french seams or other advanced work, by all means, go for it. You know your skills better than I do.

Beware of thieves and charlatans! It saddens me to see that my patterns and instructions are copied and presented by others as if it was their original work. Please do link to this site. Please do not copy the pages and present them on your web site. If you find a site that has stolen my stuff, please let me know!

A simple bodice
The Tunic
Biblical Variations for Tunics
The Skirt
Drawstring Breeches
Cloaks and how to add a hood to an existing cloak
A Tabard
The Shirt or Chemise
Fitted Breeches
Fitting a Bodice
A Hood

My Patterns: Acessories

A Pouch
Gypsy Purse
Elizabethan Neck Ruff
Elizabethan Bumroll
Elizabethan Beaded Necklaces
Embroidered Buttons

A Soft Tudor Cap
Decorating the Tudor Cap
A Mask
The Sash
Celtic style draped shawl
Snood or Caul for the hair

How to Alter Commercial Patterns

Man's Doublet from Butterick 5656
Removing a Princess Seam
Drafting out Darts


Your first costume.
Costuming Tips and Tricks
Advice for costuming when it's hot and humid.
Avoiding Bad Garb
My opinions on the use of some commercial patterns for Renaissance Faires.
More pattern reviews from the Greater Bay Area Costumer's Guild
What Pattern Size are You? from Simplicity Sewing Patterns

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Sew With Me

My Blog: a collection of ramblings on quilting, sewing, gardening and cats. If you want to know what I am currently working on, this is the place to look.

Follow along with me as I go through the steps of making various costume projects.

My costume gallery

Costume notes from Return of the King.

Costume notes for mid to late 16th century men's peasant clothing.

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