Dawn's Costume Guide

Sew With Me

Join me in my sewing room as I make a series of projects. I like to sew, do you? Are you new at this and perhaps a little nervous? Would you like to follow along as I sew something, and see what steps I take? Follow along with me as I construct various costumes, clothing and household decorator items. I'll tell you about each step as I go along and give you pictures of what I'm doing. You'll see that not everything goes perfectly, and sometimes a project doesn't come out as planned, but that the whole process can still be fun and rewarding. These aren't tutorials, instead they are documentaries that give you an idea of how you can use your skills to make beautiful things.

Wedding Dress journal. Read about the making of my wedding dress, as I modify a commercial pattern and try to keep the cats from helping.

Bridal Veil. A simple outline of the making of my veil and my attendant's hairpiece from scratch.

Reversible costume bodice #1. Follow along as I make simple modifications to a commercial costume pattern.

Reversible costume bodice #2. Using the same pattern I will make more simple changes for an entirely new look.

How to Draft a Corset in 47 Easy Steps

Last modified on June 28, 2000